DIABETES: HOW TO BEAT IT! – Foreword by Dr Hilary Jones from ITV

My name is Dr Hilary Jones and I have been a General Practitioner for over 40 years appearing on national television and in the media for over three decades. I am passionate about medical things and it is vital that the information is reliable and accurate, that it is fun, and that it grabs your attention and entertains you at the same time. This book does exactly that.

Type 2 diabetes is a huge problem for this country and around the world and the more people that understand the seriousness of its impact, the dangers and its life threatening properties the better.

DIABETES: HOW TO BEAT IT! – Dave lost over 50kgs and no longer takes any medication for Type 2 – is a fascinating insight into the real world of diabetes, something that the NHS doesn’t always tell you. The style is conversational – it’s an easy read though the content is hard hitting – it is entreating, highly entertaining, factual and informative, and it is a must read for all Type 2 diabetics whether you have been diagnosed for years or more recently.

The book isn’t just about Dave’s story, though that matters, but the details of the disease and how to fight it are massively important. Read it, study it, talk about it, read it again, pass it to your family, friends and colleagues – everyone knows a Type 2 diabetic – and let’s try and fight this killer disease together.

My Best Wishes to you all.

Dr Hilary Jones