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The Ultimate Successful Patient by Dave Schofield logoFor people who have been associated with business you will know what a USP is . . . it has a few versions but most people call it a Unique Selling Point.  For me the USP is The Ultimate Successful Patient.  You can create your own.  It could be your Unique Super Power . . . we are all USPs . . . The Ultimate Successful Patients.

I think I should also explain the logo.  A lighthouse is a beacon of protection.  Its light shines out a warning and a safe path.  That is what the USPs of this site and book are.

Ex Malo Bonum . . . From Bad Comes Good.

As well as the opportunity to buy the book in ANY FORMAT, every fortnight we will produce a free blog post from the world of improvement aimed at educating, stimulating, guiding and also, poking your curiosity.

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