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Many thanks for taking the time to visit and for having a look around.  We’re proud of the site and what it stands for . . . and for what it can do for you! 

The world is under siege from type 2 diabetes and you might be at the heart of it personally, or it might be a relative, a friend or a colleague.  This books gives you the ammunition to fight back, to do what you can, to take control and to give yourself a chance.





This site is about type 2 diabetes, it’s about me, it’s about you, it’s about us.

It’s a simple site aimed at helping you, your family, your friends, your colleagues, and your fellow human beings survive and combat this killer disease.

Because we all know that the target for every type 2 diabetic and pre-diabetic must be a life without medication.  

So, how do you do that? 


It teaches you about the disease, how to reduce your body mass, how to engage with the very being of your core, why you can and must lose those meds, and what you can do and achieve when you start winning the battle against this killer.


  • The rest of your life will be more bountiful
  • Your chances of premature death have reduced significantly
  • So too the likelihood of a heart attack
  • And the possibility of a stroke
  • Or kidney failure
  • Or liver disease
  • Your blood pressure will be lower
  • Your HbA1c and your sugars will be controlled
  • Your eyes will be rejoicing at the diffused threat of blindness
  • You have a great chance of retaining all your limbs
  • You’ll be living cleaner
  • Making great food choices
  • Drinking less
  • Saving money
  • And
  • You’ll be able to tell people how you did it!

Of course there are more.  What are yours?

Foreword by Dr Hilary Jones from ITV

So, the aims?  Rather than repeating what is in the book and what is on many great websites about diabetes, or by copying nutritional plans and filling the pages with photos and recipes, this site offers you the chance to purchase the book in three different formats, giving you the option to buy what is best for you and also to become part of the USP community.

**** AUDIO BOOK ****

DIABETES: HOW TO BEAT IT!, written and narrated by the author, is now available as an audio download priced at JUST £16.00

I love listening to books as well as reading them and this is a great accompaniment to a walk, a drive, or just when you fancy having a sit down, a cup of tea and a sugar free snack.  It’s less than six hours in total and the style and content will keep you gripped, intrigued and curious until the end.  You will learn, you will laugh, you might cry; the book is full of raw emotion, it is dynamic and an imploration, a veritable call to metaphorical arms.

(I should add here very clearly that one brief chapter is guided hypnosis so DO NOT listen to those pages whilst driving or operating heavy machinery.  It asks you to close your eyes.  Need I say more!)

As well as the great audio book there are three other formats:


The Platinum Edition, The Medical Professionals’ Choice, is available with full colour contents (tables, charts, script) for £25.99 

Written in red, blue, gold, silver, bronze this is great as a staple for any health care professional, diabetic or pre-diabetic, for a waiting room, a study, a library or even the bedside table.  The use of colour is terrific for your interpretation of words and data.  It’s a one off cost that will help you forever.


If you want to buy the book, read it once or twice and then pass it on to a friend or a library, the paperback edition with the contents in black and white is a great addition to anyone’s personal collection at £12.99 

Remember, once a diabetic, always a diabetic.

As well as the opportunity to buy the book in ANY FORMAT, every fortnight we will produce a free blog post in the USP News section from the world of improvement aimed at educating, stimulating, guiding and poking your curiosity.  If you fancy a read just sign up on the USP News page.

Many, many thanks for popping in.


Stand Tall, Stand United, Fight.

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It changed my life . . !
I read this fabulous book from cover to cover in one sitting.  It changed my life and possibly saved it too.  An absolute must read for anyone remotely overweight or with an interest in diabetes or their health and living a great life.  Written with great wisdom and wit.
Heather Straun – Bristol

The most informative . . !
This book has to be the most informative, helpful and directly to the point book that I have read about diabetes T2.  A genuine documented experience with humour and motivation along the way.  Full of information I didn’t know, both the helpful and the surprising and even in some areas the down right shocking.  If this book doesn’t give you the motivation and incentive to eat better, accept your life long diagnosis and LIVE then nothing will.  Today is day one!
Catherine Capon – Cridling Stubbs & Fishlake, Yorkshire

Full of useful information, easy to read and inspirational . . . and has helped me to quit sugar and lose weight.
Kamila Glasek – Lodz, Poland

Took Control!
Diabetes: How to Beat It! charts the story of a determined man who would not surrender to Type 2 Diabetes; rather than let it control him . . . Dave chose to take control of his lifestyle and outlook to consign the condition to his past…
Cameron Macandrew – Edinburgh, Scotland